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What services do you offer? 

Instrument tuition - Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Ethnic instruments, Music production 


How much is a taster session? 

Our 30 min Taster sessions are free of charge


How much are lessons if we sign up? 

£24 for 30 mins

£30 for 45 mins

£36 for 60 mins


How frequent are the lessons? 

Weekly or Bi-weekly


How does payment work? 

You will be invoiced on the 26th of each month and charged for the month ahead all payments are due in by the 1st of the month.

Do lessons run throughout the school holidays / bank holidays? 

Lessons run throughout the year, apart from a 1 week studio closure at Christmas


What is your cancellation policy?

Pre-booked (holiday cancellations) require +2 week written notice

Unavoidable (illness / emergency) require +48 hours notice


Can I take lessons if I don't own an Instrument? 

Depending on which instrument you want to learn, you may be able to borrow whilst at the studio


Are your tutors DBS checked? 

All tutors are DBS checked


Which Grade school do you use? 

ASBRM, Trinity, and Rock School


Do you sell gift cards? 

Yes we sell blocks of 3 and 5 music lessons as gifts

Can I visit the studio?

Yes, but by appointment only, it is a private establishment 

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